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Corrigan - Making It Different Test Page

Page history last edited by Corrigan 8 years ago

I took a clip from the CW show Supernatural and distorted the audio, then added a static filter to the video. The funny thing was, distorting the audio completely took the music out of the clip. I'd never seen that happen before. Fortunately, I had the song that was in the episode because it was a bomb jam. So I put it back in and pitch shifted it. It gets more and more off-putting as the clip goes on. That wasn't entirely intentional, but it's still fun.


I was led to this in part by the glitch art we watched last week and the talk in the readings of doing things like playing audio backwards or replacing nouns with other nouns. I'm not entirely sure I see the value of all this stuff from an academic perspective, but I do think what comes out of it can be interesting (and entertaining). I did feel that in adding my distortions and tearing apart this poor SPN video, I actually managed to recreate the same sort of desperation and disconnectedness present in the unedited clip. It also screws with temporality a bit. You could watch 3/4 of the clip thinking it's from Welcome Freshmen or some sort of broken VHS from the '90s, but then there's all kinds of modern technology everywhere. There might be something to that. 



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