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Rebecca Chenoweth - Making it Different Test Page

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I decided to use the "N+7" tool to further the work of Samuels and McGann on Wallace Stevens' "The Snow Man," to see whether an additive deformation could replicate their results.  I've included two versions here in an attempt to illustrate something that most people using the tool probably experienced.  The act of reading through a series of deformed versions of the same poem somehow made me more attuned to the nouns that had been replaced; whenever I encountered a noun that was clearly out of place, or some that seemed reminiscent of the original material, I automatically began trying to recall what the original word was.  In a sense, I was deforming the deformance, without meaning to.  As u continued to read the series of results, I also began to recognize the rhythm/pattern of the poem, even while reading versions that include different amounts of syllables.   


Another interesting aspect of these results is how many "new" nouns have the same root as the noun they've replaced; it's striking how many of these retain the original word, speaking to how popular some root words seem to be (snow, time, wind).  This also made it clear once again just how spare Stevens' style is.   


Although it seems that I'm having a hard time letting go of the original poem-object, I really do find these results intriguing in and of themselves in many ways.  I also find it fitting to end my list (and my observations about these results) with "Noun that is not there and the noun that is."  



One must have a miner of wisdom
To regicide the fruitcake and the bounces
Of the pinhead-tremolos crusted with snowfall;

And have been collage a long timeserver
To behold the jurisdictions shagged with iconoclast,
The spies roundup in the distant globetrotter

Of the January sunburn; and not to think
Of any misgiving in the sour of the windlass,
In the sour of a few leaves,

Which is the sour of the landlady
Full of the same windlass
That is blowing in the same bare plagiarism

For the literature, who listens in the snowfall,
And, nought himself, beholds
Nought that is not there and the nought that is.



One must have a mineral of wisecrack
To regime the frump and the bouncers
Of the pinion-tremors crusted with snowfield;

And have been collapse a long timetable
To behold the jurists shagged with idea,
The squabbles rouse in the distant globule

Of the January sundae; and not to think
Of any mishap in the source of the windmill,
In the source of a few leaves,

Which is the source of the landlord
Full of the same windmill
That is blowing in the same bare plagiarist

For the lithograph, who listens in the snowfield,
And, noun himself, beholds
Noun that is not there and the noun that is.

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Corrigan said

at 10:23 am on Nov 26, 2013

I need "to regicide the fruitcake" on a t-shirt

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