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Bhargavi Narayanan - Making it Different

Page history last edited by bhargavi@umail.ucsb.edu 8 years ago

We are surrounded by deformance! I have been particularly taken with deformances of The Ramayana and cannot help but share my favourite version. It is an animated movie by Nina Paley called Sita Sings the Blues. You have to watch it to believe it. The entire movie is available here . If you cannot make time, this song can give you an idea. After spending a long time trying to attempt my own version of this deformance (or indeed that of any version of the mythology), I decided I needed a less ambitious goal and made this gif. This is an action scene from a very old Tamil film. The entire scene can be viewed here. I thought the scene lent itself rather well for queering. I tried making my own queer cut of the scene on Wevideo, but the it allows for very limited editing that didn't quite cut it (at which point I decided to settle for a gif).  

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