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Student Blogs

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The graduate students in English 236, "Digital Humanities: Intro to the Field," are asked to write several blog posts during Fall 2013 that contribute to their intended professional field in its relation to the digital humanities (see assignment).  Student blogs and the posts written for this course are below (including also blogs of students auditing or sitting in on the course):


  Blog Title (and URL)
Posts Written for Course
Elizabeth Allen

Jumping Into the Deep End

Digital Tools for My Dissertation



Gabriel Baker

Where Old Meets New

Homer and New Book Technologies: Antiquity to Present 



The Iliad or the Odyssey: Plato to Google Trends



Some scattered notes on ancient Greek and Latin “centos”, and my own small cento.



Ancient Greek Authors on Amazon: A Social Network of Books (more of a hack than a yack, admittedly)





Dalia Bolotnikov

My Memory Immortal Grew

Digital Lore (3 Dec. 2013)

Digital Repositories for Memories of a Broken Past (3 Dec. 2013)


Elizabeth Callaway

Elizabeth Callaway

Nissa Cannon

Shored Fragments

"Viewing and Reviewing The Modernism Lab at Yale University" (27 Oct. 2013) 

"Some Frustration, Some Success: On Finding the Right Tool" (22 Nov. 2013)

Ashley Champagne

The Login

"Who can we trust on Twitter?" (25 November 2013)


"Visualizations of the 2011 Japan Earthquake and an Introduction to NETHUM" (9 December 2013) 

Rebecca Chenoweth

Remembrance of Memes Past

"Toward a More Perfect (But Never Perfect) Timeline" (30 Nov. 2013)


"The Interpretation of Topics: Looking for Freud's Unconscious and the Role of the Reader through Topic Modeling" (5 December 2013)


"Digital and Poetic Aesthetics: Thoughts on Cross-Disciplinary Tools and Style" (13 December 2013)

Sienna Cordoba-Taylor

Anacaona Rides Digital Sea Turtles


Phillip Cortes


"I. Milton, Agency, and Probability" (3 Dec. 2013)

"II. Milton, Incompleteness, and Digital Iconoclasm" (3 Dec. 2013)

Nicole Dib

The Great Wild Herring

"The Search Goes On: Some Thoughts on Thomas Pynchon and Digital Quests" (2 Dec. 2013) 

On Dominants, DNA, and the Weight of Literary Eras (5 Dec. 2013)

Corrigan Edmoundson


"Understanding #DH: What's Race Got to Do With It?"

"Imagining MiRa: The Internet Mixed Race Database"

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez 

Juan Llamas-Rodriguez

"DH & Media Studies: Attempts at a Primer" (9 Oct. 2013)

"Introduction to the Problems of Film" (30 Oct. 2013)

"Telescoping, or Distant Reading for Film Studies" (3 Nov. 2013)

"Telescopia [Telescoping post in Spanish" (16 Nov. 2013)

"Telescoping, Part Two" (25 Nov. 2013)

Bhargavi Narayanan

Chai Time

A Beginning (25,November, 2013)

Mapping - An Introduction  (8,December,2013)

There are Maps and then there are Maps... (9, December, 2013)

Percy Ross

apercyross: Censorship and Its Digital Implications

"Cybercensorship and the Google Books Litigation" (12 Oct. 2013)
Liz Shayne (with Claire Ihlendorf & Meaghan Skahan)

Ludic Analytics

"Hammering at Daniel Deronda" (3 Oct. 2013)
Shari Sanders 

Shari Sanders


Charlyne Sarmiento



"Frameworks for Writing Studies and the Digital Humanities: Activity Systems or Networks?" http://dhmeetswritingstudies.wordpress.com/ 


"Digital Moments and Lines of Inquiry"


Inez Zhou

Dumping Hashtags 




Alan Liu (instructor)

Alan Liu


Posts on this site for this course:

"Open Questions" Series -- Blog posts collecting open questions about digital-humanities issues that emerged during class discussion in Alan Liu's graduate course on digital humanities (English 236) during fall 2013:



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